reponse's rapidity

Customers responsiveness is one of the aims of Socage Customer Service.

Our activities and services (selling of spare parts, duplication of documents and technical services) are managed by our team daily and promptly.

efficacy of service

Our equipped workshop is in Modena and we are able to provide any kind of service on the all Socage aerial platforms: ordinary maintenance, legal tests, extraordinary mainteinance also complexes. Our specialized technical team and the advanced technologies garatee a rapid and resolving interventions.

External interventions

In the case of neccessity, thanks to our van-assistence with instruments and technologies of diagnosis, we can offer a customer service on-site, made by our specialized technician available on request. Thanks to the specific software, our technician is connected with headquarter in Modena in order to allow the communication and the prevention of problems in real time.

Costumer satisfactions

The aim of our work is Customer Satisfaction; for this reason, we would know our clients’opinion. After our intervention, we monitorate the clients’point of view, by filling out a survey that will help us to improve our services.


Our technicians follow the clients even beyond the working hours, ensuring the service phone availability:

  • Fom Monday to Friday until 22.00
  • Saturday and Sunday from 8.00 to 18.00
  • phone: +39 3441423409

Socage Customer Services

As usual the technical area and the customer service have been a foundamental and pivotal part for Socage.
In order to increase and pursue this mission, in 2016 arose in Modena SOCAGE CUSTOMER SERVICE, an independend and specialized structure that deal with attention to the customers’ needs, in order to guarantee a professional and efficient assistance.

Discover Socage Customer Service

Our services

legal tests

Notification of putting in to service platforms to INAIL. First and periodical tests for ARPAV. Structural checks for platforms with more than 20 years, additional and recalculated research.

EC declaration

In case of loss or necessity, for SOCAGE customers are available original EC DECLARATION

training courses

Practical and theoretical of specialization for the correct use of the aerial platform SOCAGE. Following the partecipation a legal certificate is released


If you need Spare parts, please consult the catalogue or contact us:

phone: +39 059 8348000
Purchase parts:
From Monday to Friday: from 8:00 to 18:00

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