SOCAGE / History

SO.CA.GE. "General Carpentry Company" born in the province of Modena in 1974 as a company specialized in the production and manufacture of metal parts. In 1981 the company specialized in the creation of platforms for aerial work and thanks to the innovative articulated arm line it quickly established itself as a leader in the Italian market.

A thirty-year history and an important specialization in truck-mounted aerial work platforms distinguish the company. The SOCAGE aerial platforms are compact and light and the high performance in terms of elevation and reach complete their distinctive features.

SOCAGE is present all over the world with foreign branches and a commercial network that allow the Modena-based company to invest not only in national but also international markets and especially in emerging economies to become the world's leading manufacturer of aerial platforms. To achieve this goal, Socage constantly searches for increasingly innovative solutions that are able to satisfy the needs of its customers.


The technical area and customer service has always been a fundamental and central part for Socage. In order to increase and pursue this mission, in 2016 SOCAGE CUSTOMER SERVICE SRL was founded by Fiorenzo Flisi in Modena, an independent and specialized structure that deals with the technical assistance service and the sale of SOCAGE spare parts throughout the world, guaranteeing their reliability and result.

Our offices

Modena: The head office is located in Modena, in Via O.Respighi, 113-115

Here, there is the staff that is part of Customer Support, or the office that handles requests for assistance, the sale of spare parts and that offers countless customer services.

At our headquarters in Modena we increased our spare parts stock to have the possibility of shipping every day with express services and therefore giving our customers the opportunity to receive most of the materials they need between 24 and 48 hours .

Also in Modena there is also a Socage Customer Service workshop, equipped to perform any type of intervention on the entire Socage fleet.
To be ever more widespread and close to our customers, in the course of 2018/2019 Socage Customer Service opened two new workshops in Milan and Rome, and expanded the fleet of equipped vans, or like to call them to us, OFFICINE MOBILI, to be always ready to intervene and help our customers, wherever they are and in a short time.
Guaranteeing an efficient and fast after-sales service to Socage customers is our mission

Milan: Socage Customer Service Milan, located in via Talete 62 Brugherio (MB)

Rome: Socage Customer Service Rome, located in via di Tor Pagnotta 382 Rome (RM)

Our vehicles

The Socage Customer Service Mobile Workshop is equipped with all the material needed to perform diagnostics and solve problems of any kind.

Our features

reponse's rapidity

Customers responsiveness is one of the aims of Socage Customer Service.

Our activities and services (selling of spare parts, duplication of documents and technical services) are managed by our team daily and promptly.

efficacy of service

Our equipped workshop is in Modena and we are able to provide any kind of service on the all Socage aerial platforms: ordinary maintenance, legal tests, extraordinary mainteinance also complexes. Our specialized technical team and the advanced technologies garatee a rapid and resolving interventions.

External interventions

In the case of neccessity, thanks to our van-assistence with instruments and technologies of diagnosis, we can offer a customer service on-site, made by our specialized technician available on request. Thanks to the specific software, our technician is connected with headquarter in Modena in order to allow the communication and the prevention of problems in real time.

Costumer satisfactions

The aim of our work is Customer Satisfaction; for this reason, we would know our clients’opinion. After our intervention, we monitorate the clients’point of view, by filling out a survey that will help us to improve our services.


Our technicians follow the clients even beyond the working hours, ensuring the service phone availability:

  • Fom Monday to Friday until 18.00

phone +39 0598348000


  • Fom Monday to Friday from 18.00 to 22.00
  • Saturday and Sunday from 8.00 to 18.00

phone: +39 3441423409